Dione Complex Systems

DIONEData Intelligence for Organizations in Networked Environments

Organizations and enterprises need to make decisions in a complex and constantly changing world. Vast amounts of data are available from organizations' own systems and from the internet. To make optimal decisions, it is critical to be able to use these data effectively. This is only possible if useful knowledge that makes sense to the decision maker can be extracted from the data.

DIONE makes this possible through its integration of complex systems thinking, knowledge discovery and data mining technologies, and intuitive business intelligence reporting facilities. DIONE will enable management of organizations to take timely and effective decisions, based on real-time insight in the complex situations in which they are operating.

DIONE is developed by Dione Complex Systems and leverages Dione Complex Systems’ own scientific research by implementing selected technologies with proven capabilities in an integrated software system. DIONE consists of custom predictive analytics, text analytics, data mining, machine learning and business intelligence (knowledge discovery) algorithms combined with open source implementations of algorithms, for example in R.