Simplifying Decisions in a Complex World

Dione Complex Systems exploits opportunities to develop decision support applications using complex systems and big data analytics methods to discover useful knowledge from large amounts of data available in organizations' databases and on the internet. Complemented with simulation of what-if scenarios, the extracted knowledge enables analysis of scenario's in the face of risk and uncertainty.

The purpose of Dione Complex Systems is to apply complex systems, data/text analytics, knowledge discovery and machine learning methods to strategic planning in public policy and business, in order to remedy the inadequacy of many presently available decision support tools in relation to the complexity and uncertainty of economical/social/ environmental systems, for which effective strategies are nevertheless of paramount importance.

Therefore, Dione Complex Systems offers a sophisticated data analytics and decision support platform called DIONE Data Intelligence for Organizations in Networked Environments.

Public Policy


Knowledge discovery and complex systems methods in public policy are relevant in many policy areas, such as economic, social, health and environmental policy. As a policy maker, you need to tackle difficult problems related to the interplay between complex economic, social and ecological interactions and strategic policy decisions. DIONE provides you with powerful tools to gain insight as a sound basis for important decisions.



As an entrepreneur, every day you need to make decisions in a complex world. To make these decisions, you rely on knowing, as far as possible, how the world works. For example, you have to know what your customers want to buy, how much they want to pay for it, when they need it, what your competitors are offering, who your suppliers are and what they offer, what the government does, etc. Everything you know, or think to know, about these things, is your model of the world.


The mission of Dione Complex Systems is to help you improve your model of the world, so you can make more effective and more profitable decisions. For this purpose, DIONE uses data about the world to improve your decisions. Use of its sophisticated knowledge discovery and decision support tools will make your life easier, not complicate it by requiring a lot of time to learn to use it or to enter data. DIONE uses data you collect anyway when doing your daily business, so no special data entry is required. It has straightforward and intuitive data analysis capabilities, so you can gain quickly better insight in your sales, your customers, and in general in the complex environment you and your enterprise are a part of.